Nissan Financing Department - Rochester, NY


Why Financing at Dorschel is Different:

Work with one trained sales consultant

We believe our customers are best served when they have one dedicated employee to help through the entire sales transaction. This means the person who meets you at the door cannot only show you the car, but work with you on your loan, your paperwork, your delivery, and any issue that arises after the sale. This innovative approach is meant to save you time, money, and hassle.

Interest rates are clearly posted

We work with over 20 local and national lenders to ensure our rates are competitive and can save you time & money

We post our highly competitive interest rates & update them regularly at the cost of money changes for our customers. This removes the guess work traditionally associated with obtaining a loan at a dealership.

Everyone pays the same fair price for products

Just like our cars, all of our after market accessories and products are competitively priced up front to make the shopping experience clear, simple, and different.